Meet the people of ADR Education

Jessica McNamara, Partner

Jessica has a Graduate degree in Dispute Resolution from the University of Victoria and continuing education in the field is one of her passions.
As an intervenor, Jessica’s experience is very broad and somewhat eclectic.  She has mediated all kinds of issues for all kinds of clients including: all levels of government, non-profit and for profit organizations, families, health professionals, education organizations and First Nations. She particularly enjoys coaching and assisting others to be more effective in their resolution of differences and their development of relationships both at work and in their lives as a whole. Jessica also provides assessment, strategic planning, dispute resolution process design, team building and investigation services to both the public and private sector.
Jessica has extensive experience as a treaty negotiator in the British Columbia Treaty process. In addition to the role of negotiator at the table, Jessica provides analysis and advice with respect to negotiation strategy and approach.  She also has experience working with First Nations on a variety of other projects including: capacity development, government-to-government relationships, self-governance and lands analysis.
A busy instruction practice takes Jessica across Canada where she delivers training federally, provincially, municipally and in the private sector, focussing mainly on negotiation, effective communication, respectful workplace, facilitation and mediation.  Jessica enjoys working with a diverse client base and tailoring courses to meet the individual needs of specific organizations.

The presenter showed skill in weaving between theory and practice... from theoretical examples to sensitive hot topics.

ADR's approach is exceptional. They are able to take a complex subject and distill it into digestible components

Teaching methods are fantastic!

The team was effective. Our case was set for a two week trial but was mediated in one day!

I've seen a lot of manuals for this kind of thing in my time, and this one is by far the best.

Very accomplished presenters excited about what they are teaching...easy to be with and very approachable.

Excellent facilitating. Keeping on track, taking control at the appropriate times.

For our staff to see how the skills can be used specifically in their work makes them take notice.

Your ability to customize the course so it was directly relevant to the work we do made it all the more useful.