What We Value

Values drive behavior, influence performance and motivate decision making.   At ADR Education, we want our clients to know and understand the principles which guide our work.   Our approach to interventions and learning is anchored in a value system that emphasizes agility; responsiveness, flexibility, creativity and determination. We value the capacity of those we work with and want there to be positive effects on participants. We hope these will be catalytic and lasting.

We usually intervene as mediators or facilitators to help people negotiate solutions to their disputes.   Sometimes we also intervene to help people, including large groups, understand more fundamental conflict.   Occasionally we intervene as fact-finders and assessors.

Whatever kind of intervention ADR Education helps with, we VALUE:

  • Conflict as a normal and productive experience when willingly addressed by capable participants
  • The dynamic activity of communication and believe that discussion or negotiation is the most commonly used method to solve disagreement

  • The contribution of process help and communication support to maximize solution making potential
  • Cultural diversity and the varying process expectations of our clients
  • Our ability to educate and coach in the midst of other people’s conflict
  • Being agile, responsive and creative when challenges or set-backs arise
  • The inherent problem solving capacity of people in dispute and see their productivity increase as they become architects of their own solutions
  • Carefully designing and tailoring the process to the unique needs of the dispute situation

Our approaches to learning solutions take account of the unique features of adult learning groups.  We facilitate rather than deliver.   We elicit rather than prescribe.   ADR Education courses are entertaining from beginning to end as we engage learners in the dynamic of apprehending new ways of being and doing.

Whatever learning project ADR Education is involved with, we VALUE:

  • Adult learning involving the integration of Attitude (philosophy, policy, culture), Process (how to learn, learning through many delivery modes) and Skills (behaviours, techniques and specific actions)

  • Diversity in learning styles so we tailor our learning solutions to the unique preferences and needs of our clients
  • Facilitating learning by responding to educational objectives that are expressed in clear, unambiguous, objective language
  • Teaching methods that accent experience-based learning such as extensive role playing, active coaching, demonstrations, and various skills-building activities
  • That adult learners pick up skills most effectively when their existing expertise is acknowledged and built upon

The presenter showed skill in weaving between theory and practice... from theoretical examples to sensitive hot topics.

ADR's approach is exceptional. They are able to take a complex subject and distill it into digestible components

Teaching methods are fantastic!

The team was effective. Our case was set for a two week trial but was mediated in one day!

I've seen a lot of manuals for this kind of thing in my time, and this one is by far the best.

Very accomplished presenters excited about what they are teaching...easy to be with and very approachable.

Excellent facilitating. Keeping on track, taking control at the appropriate times.

For our staff to see how the skills can be used specifically in their work makes them take notice.

Your ability to customize the course so it was directly relevant to the work we do made it all the more useful.