Training Materials

ADR Education has created negotiation and mediation manuals in French and English that are the state of the art. These spiral bound, durable volumes look at negotiation and mediation in terms of the attitudes, process and skills of participants and intervenors. The whole dispute resolution process is made accessible in a sequenced way that allows learners to build on what they already know. Clear, focussed writing introduces us to new ideas, the methods by which those ideas get imparted in a conflict resolution activity and the skills that are indispensable to a dispute resolver.

Take a look at the following examples of pages from each manual and read what reviewers have said about these tools. (Click on the image to enlarge.)

The Practice of Negotiation, 2nd Ed

“Drawing on their many years of experience and training and conflict resolution service delivery in a wide range of settings, Sloan and Chicanot have created a set of training.

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The Practice of Mediation, 2nd Ed

The Practice of Mediation is the best short instructional tool I have seen on the topic. I very much like the way you include attitudes, values as a vital aspect needed.

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